Topic By Topic Questions: Ontario G1 Test

Here you will find Ontario G1 exam questions by topic. Questions have been extracted from the latest Ontario driver’s handbook and collected by topic so that you can practice questions from one specific area at a time. Our Topic-by-topic practice test is by far THE BEST possible preparation for your G1 written test.

Section 1. Safe and Responsible Driving

Section 2. Getting ready to drive

Section 3. Driving along

Section 4. Sharing the road with other road users

Section 5. Driving through intersections

Section 6. Stopping

Section 7. Changing directions

Section 8. Changing positions

Section 9. Parking along roadways

Section 10. Freeway driving

Section 11. Dealing with particular situations

Section 12. Driving at night and in bad weather

Section 13. Dealing with emergencies

Section 14. Driving efficiently

Section 15. Traffic Signs and Lights

Section 16. Keeping Your Driver’s Licence

Section 17. Other ways to lose your licence

Section 18. Your Vehicle

Section 19. Off-road Vehicles & Snowmobiles