Quiz: Sharing the road with farm machinery

First things first, you need to acquire a G1 licence if you’re 16 years and above. You can only apply for the Ontario G1 licence physically at the DriveTest centre.



Tractors of combines usually only have a top speed of…?
40 km/h
30 km/h
20 km/h
50 km/h



Farm vehicles carry slow moving vehicle signs that are…?
Orange and red
Blue and white
Black and green
Yellow and purple



When passing a farm vehicle you should…?
Pass as quickly as possible
Pass as slowly as possible
Sound your horn continuously
Leave plenty of space and time



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Sharing the road with farm machinery

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Tips for Safely Sharing the Road with Farm Machinery

Farm tools occupy roads in the spring and fall seasons. When farmers are busy harvesting crops, you might find some of their equipment pieces on the road. You might notice them immediately without having time to react. Hence, you will have to pay careful attention to the road while driving near rural areas. You will have to take extra caution in the spring and fall seasons. You do not think that farmers will take precautions. Instead, you will have to follow some safety measures.

First, maintain a slow speed and be aware of the surrounding. Apart from that, understand the limitations and risks related to the farm equipment. Some farm tools are not maneuverable, and you can pass through them slowly. When the equipment is large and maneuverable, you will have to take more caution. Otherwise, you might put yourself in danger, and your vehicle might get severe damages. Also, the accident can cause injuries to others present on the road. You can prevent such a situation.

Do you want to know how to stay safe while sharing the road with farm equipment? If yes, you can have a look at the following. Here are some tips for safely sharing the road with farm equipment.

Check the Surroundings

Sharing the Road with Farm EquipmentYou will have to understand road signs. Orange signs will indicate slow speed, and you can see red signs on the back of the equipment. If you see any of these signs, you will have to take extra caution on the road. You might be aware that your vehicle can travel fifty-five miles within an hour. If you maintain that speed and your car collides with a tractor, you will be nowhere. Hence, you will have to stay alert while sharing the road with farm equipment. You cannot manage the speed of other vehicles, but you can control yours. By doing so, you can save yours and others as well.

Have Patience

You will have to be patient while sitting in a driver’s seat. You will have to be more careful when driving in rural areas. If you see any farm vehicle is passing slowly, you will have to be patient. You should avoid overtaking it. Even if a tractor is slow, it might change its speed and harm your vehicle. Hence, you can allow it to pass through. Maintain the slow speed until you are in a safe place. Also, you will have to follow the same driving rules. You cannot pass at hills, curves, tunnels, bridges, and railroad crossings.

Ask Permission

You do not need to get down of your vehicle to see it is safe to pass or not. Instead, you can use your hand to informer the farmer. If the road is safe, the farmer might use his hand and allow you to pass safely. The farmer will know about your vehicle and intention. Hence, the risk will be minimal. But still, you will have to maintain the slow pace to prevent something unpredictable.

 Know Your Limitation

You can pass safely with safe driving practices. You can drive your vehicle at a fast pace when no danger is around. When there is any risk, you can go slowly. By following this simple step, you can minimize the risk significantly.

Be Aware of the Equipment Type

There are different types of farm equipment. All of them do not pose the same threat. Hence, you will have to understand the equipment size and weight to avoid risk. If it is large and movable, you will have to be more careful. You will have to take more caution while passing. If it is small, you can manage it in a better way. It is worth mentioning that unstable and tall vehicles are more dangerous.

Use Horn

You will find many farm tools large, cumbersome, and loud. Farmers will be busy with their work, and the size and noise of the equipment will make it even difficult for them to see other vehicles. Hence, you will have to use the horn to alert the farmer about your presence.

Wrapping It Up

Safe driving practices can save you from many dangers. It is not about your safety only. You will have to also focus on the safety of others on the road. Maintain the slow pace and use your hand and horn whenever needed.