Quiz: Turning around

To acquire a driver’s license in Canada, you must pass the written knowledge and road driving test. Of course, the process of acquiring the license varies from province to province but the driving test rules remain the same.



If you miss your turn or drive too far down a road, the safest thing to do to go back is to…?
Drive round the block
Do a U-turn
Do a 3-point turn
Any of these



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Turning around

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Miss a Turn? Turning around

Some roundabouts are older than others. Sometimes, you go through one just to have another not far ahead. If you aren’t familiar with the area, you may miss your exit because you are in the wrong lane. Don’t cut in front of someone else, simply find a place where you can turn around and get back on the right path to your destination.

Pay attention to the signs that tell you about merging traffic, signs for various streets, and speeds. Vehicles entering the roundabout need to yield to those already inside the circle. Some of them also have pedestrian crossings, always yield to any person in a crosswalk as you go through a roundabout.