Quiz: Keep right

In this practice test and article, we will give you the necessary tips to help you prepare both mentally and physically so you can ace the G1 knowledge test. Let’s jump right in.



You should be particularly careful to drive on the right on a multilane highway if you want to…?
Drive slower than other traffic
Drive faster than other traffic
Maintain a constant speed
Turn left



In normal driving on a three-lane highway you should keep…?
To the right hand lane
To the left hand lane
To the central lane
Any of these



On a single lane road you should keep…?
To the right of the road
To the left of the road
To the centre of the road
Any of these



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Keep right

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Slower Traffic Keep Right, Learn Why and Drive Safe

Do you want to know how to drive safely? Are you looking for some tips to keep yourself and others safe on the road? Driving might not be easy for new drivers. In Canada, you will find many new drivers. They come from different parts of the world and find it hard to drive in a new place. However, if you know the driving rules, you might find it a bit easier to control your vehicle regardless of the location. Keep right and focus on the traffic rules. Also, you will have to be aware of the traffic signs and road rules. Apart from all these, you will have to be in good mental condition while being in the driver’s seat.

When Driving Is Stressful

You will find driving stressful if you are unaware of traffic rules. Also, while driving on a new road, you might have some fear. The same is when you are under stress. Hence, you will have to prepare yourself before taking control of a vehicle. First, know the rules, and then you can think of driving. Otherwise, you will put yourself and others at risk.

How to Drive Safely

Focus on Your Safety

When you see any vehicle in a hurry, you should think about your safety instead of blocking another driver. Avoid blocking the path and allow the driver to go through. Yes, it is better to make way for a fast vehicle. Otherwise, it might cause an accident. Your objective is to drive safely and reach your destination safely.

Maintain the Limit

Slower Traffic Keep RightFor safe driving, you can focus on the speed limit. It is illegal to cross the recommended limit. You might put yourself at risk as well. When you drive fast, your vehicle will take time to stop when you apply the brake. As a result, it might cause an accident. Accidents can cause severe injuries, and they can be fatal in rare circumstances. Hence, you will have to drive slowly. Fast driving might save you time. But it can be dangerous in most cases.

While choosing the speed, you will have to focus on the traffic. You can maintain a pace that matches other vehicles. If you find the traffic is fast, you can keep right and drive slowly. If you want to overtake any driver, you can do it from the right. Also, use the indicators to avoid any confusion. It is a must to use signs to protect you and other vehicles on the road.

Understand the Road

Many drivers cause accidents due to their absent-mindedness. Yes, they do not understand driving and road conditions. If you do not focus on the road, you cannot see people and vehicles on the road. As a result, your car might collide, and you might harm yourself and others. Therefore, you will have to pay careful attention to the road. You should avoid using your cell phone. Also, you cannot allow your stress to control your thought. Give all the attention to the road and your vehicle. You will have to be more careful while driving in heavy traffic.

Keep Right

You will have to keep right if you want to be safe on the road. Also, slower traffic moves to the right, and fast drivers can pass on the left safely. Besides, there will be different types of people on the road. Some of them are unaware of their surroundings, and others are rude. However, you will have to save yourself with your driving. Always follow all the traffic rules and never cross the recommended speed.

Wear Your Seat Belt

A few drivers are not comfortable with seat belts. They do not wear seat belts all the time. However, it is a life-saving device and can save you from severe injuries. If you go through the record, you will come to know that people with seat belts have got fewer injuries than those without seat belts.

Wrapping It Up

In most situations, your safety is in your hands. You can protect yourself from anything unpredictable with safe driving. Go through the driving rules and know the traffic signs. It is a must if you want to be safe on the road. Also, if you have any stress or health issues, you can avoid driving.