Quiz: Escalating sanctions

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A novice driver may receive escalating sanctions bans for …?
Any/all of these
Repeatedly violating novice restrictions
Receiving an HTA suspension of 4+ demerit points
Receiving a court-ordered licence suspension



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Escalating sanctions

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Escalating Penalties

Every time drivers commit similar offences within five years, the consequences you will receive may get harsher. Depending on the situation, your licence may get suspended for 30 days, 90 days, or continue to get cancelled. You may have to restart the entire graduated licencing process, which means having to take all the tests and paying the entire fees.

As a driver, you have a huge responsibility to yourself, passengers, nearby vehicles and people. Before getting your license, you will have to go through driving lessons and exams to ensure you are well aware and educated on how to be a responsible driver. However, even after acquiring a license, there are some drivers out there that disregard what they have learned beforehand. This carelessness can cause trouble for others and bring you serious consequences. To ensure road safety for Ontarians, the province has established the strictest laws and regulations for all drivers in the area. They promote and take safe driving seriously.