Quiz: Workers on the road

This G1 practice test will examine your knowledge of road rules and traffic signs In order to receive your Ontario driver’s licence, it is required that you pass the official G1 exam. 


As you approach a construction zone, you should…?
Slow down
Maintain your speed
Any of these



As you drive through a construction site, you should always be prepared to…?
Stop suddenly
Sound your horn



Speeding on a construction site is punishable by a fine which will be how much greater than normal fines?



If there is only one line available for traffic on a construction site, what should you do?
Yield to oncoming drivers
Expect oncoming drivers to yield to you
Sound your horn loudly as you drive through
Accelerate to promote traffic flow



If a construction worker gives you an instruction when driving, you should…?
Always obey it
Obey it if convenient
Disregard it unless a police officer is present
Obey it if it seems justified to you



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Workers on the road

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8 Tips For Driving Safely In Road Construction Zones

You must have heard a thousand times that there are 4 seasons that take place in Canada namely winter, construction, again construction and then again construction. For a new driver, driving through an area that is undergoing construction can be a little difficult. This article is going to give you some tips on how you can safely drive through road construction zones.

Patience is the Key

It seems tempting to drive on the blocked-off empty lane but just don’t do it. You have to pay utmost attention to the safety of all the workers on the construction site and also your action would anger everyone who has been waiting in the traffic to reach their destination. In the worst cases, you may injure a worker at the site. So be patient and wait for your turn to get out of that traffic.


Taking Note of the Speed Limits

You need to keep the speed limit in your head as this concerns everyone’s safety including yourself. You should at all times obey the limit that has been given to the vehicles. If you speed through an area undergoing construction when workers are present, the fine is doubled. You may even receive demerit points if you do not obey the traffic rules so it’s better to stay inside the speed limit.


Road Construction ZonesGet on the Road before your normal Time

The radio comes in very handy as it can give you construction news and you can know if there is construction taking place on the road you have to go through. You can even search for it online. In case there is an undergoing construction you can get on the road sometime prior to your normal timings so that you can reach your destination on time. Plan according to the news and give yourself some extra time.


Take the help of Navigation App

Navigation Apps can save the day. You can use these apps to make your way around any construction site so that you do not have to encounter them and even if you have to there could be a shorter route. But keep in mind to not violate any law while using such apps.


Keep Your Distance

When driving through road construction zones you never know when the person driving in front of you has to suddenly stop the car. Thus keeping a distance from the car in front of you is a smart move. If you tailgate in a construction zone you may end up creating an accident for wanting to speed things up. This will slow everything up more and may even cause you bodily injury. So for your safety and others maintain a safe distance.


Stay Calm

Keeping your cool in such situations is very important. All this construction is to provide you with a better route so just bear up with a little longer.


Don’t Ignore the Signs

When driving through a construction zone there are a lot of signs placed here and there. Look at them carefully as those warning signs are there so that the other drivers and you can drive through the zone without any incident. Pay attention to the signs until you spot the one that indicates that you have safely made it out of the construction zone. Doing so will keep you and the others safe, especially the workers on the site.


Obey the Flaggers

The flaggers present on the site know what is best for you and the other drivers stuck in the traffic. They help you safely work your way through the construction zone. They possess the same authority as any other regulatory sign placed on the site. If you disobey his/her instructions then you may be cited upon. You can even be fined for doing so. Thus follow their instructions carefully so that you and others remain safe.



These tips will help you safely navigate through areas that are undergoing construction. It can be really hectic when driving through a construction zone and inviting any kind of mishap is the last thing that you would want. Follow all the instructions with utmost attention to ensure everyone’s safety. Keep all these tips in mind all the time and drive safe!